Watch out for Fakes Sites on Cyber Monday November 29

Online deals abound! But, be on the lookout for scammers... and scammer sites. Many fake retail sites pop-up on Cyber Monday. They are built to look exactly like a legitimate site. You may get emails, too, that appear to be coming from a real online retail store. They'll promise huge savings, enticing recipients to click links. Even savvy consumers who copy and paste URLs into a URL checker can get fooled. Often, scammers leave bogus sites up for only a day or two, not enough time for the URL checker sites to register complaints. ONLINE SHOPPING TIP: Look at the web address (URL) at the top of your browser. Cloned sites often leave out a letter or number in the web address in an attempt to fool you. They may also include similarly shaped letters or numbers to replace one of the correct letters or numbers. Compare the URL of the site you are at with the site you know is correct. E.g., You may think you are at the Amazon site, and the link shows: Compare with the real website URL (to determine this use a search engine like and enter: Amazon website). You will see it resolves to the real website: Aha! You see now that the URL is bogus; there is an “n” where an “m” should be. Be safe out there, and happy shopping!

Source: Rebecca Herold. November 2021 Privacy Professor Tips.

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