Threat Hunting Summit & Training 2021

Thu, Oct 7 - Sat, Oct 16, 2021

Virtual - US Eastern

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Free Summit: Oct 7-8 | Training: Oct 11-16 | Summit CPE Credits: 12

Co-Chairs: Mari DeGrazia, David J. Bianco, and Phil Hagen

Will You Be the Hunter or the Prey?

Chances are very high that hidden threats already exist inside your organization's networks. No matter how thorough and sophisticated your security precautions may be, you cannot assume your security measures are impenetrable. By themselves, prevention systems are insufficient to counter focused human adversaries who know how to get around today's advanced security and monitoring tools. It takes highly skilled and focused hunters to defeat these persistent adversaries.

The Summit will explore the following:

  • The effectiveness of threat hunting in reducing the dwell time of adversaries

  • Operationalizing threat hunting

  • Automated threat hunting: Fact or fiction?

  • Threat hunting tools, tactics, and techniques that can be used to improve the defense of your organization

  • Case studies on the application of threat hunting to security operations

  • Innovative threat hunting tactics and techniques

  • New tools that can help threat hunting for both endpoints and networks

  • Perspectives and case studies that challenge threat hunting assumptions and can result in a shift in understanding

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