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Russ Hacker, Founder

Cybersecurity Sourcing & Recruiting

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30+ years of overall professional experience. 10+ years of IT experience leading SW development projects and data programs. The last 20+ years have been in Sourcing and Recruiting professional IT talent. Two years ago we underwent a strategic shift to specialize in IT Security & Cyber Security Recruiting & Sourcing Services.

BS degree in Computer Science - Wichita State University. 

HackerTalents Mission/Value

Our Mission/Value

HackerTalents is dedicated to ensuring your organization reduces or eliminates the risk of being constantly in need of cybersecurity professionals to safeguard your equipment, systems and data. HackerTalents is committed to assisting organizations cast as wide a net as possible to attract new workers from other professions, or recent graduates with tangential degrees, as well as seasoned professionals from consulting and contracting sectors. HackerTalents will also assist organizations to strengthen from within by identifying people to cross-train from existing roles outside of cybersecurity where appropriate.

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  • Private Sourcing & Searching for Corporate America.  

  • Temporary staff​

  • Project staff

  • Long-term placement

  • Strategy & Tactical Execution

  • Performance-Based Hiring consulting

  • Work-force strategy and execution consulting​